Single release: A Star too Far 2017 alter mix- Compositiedate 16 januari 2017
Muziek, teksten en fotografie: Beeldend Kunstmaker Edwin Siol
Well here we are.
A star too far.
Inside of pain.
Inside the shame.

The fall we make.
This light we take.
This endless cry.
This endless bye.

And here we are.
A star too far.
Inside the flame.
This burning shame.

And here we stand.
A star on the end.
What once was love.
Now slowly ends.

Inside of me.
I will try and take.
But what is love?
When it has to break?

And here we walk.
And softly we talk.
But sounds like a scream.
From beyond the dream.

What once might be.
While we both see.
Tomorrow never comes.
Always on the run.

And ow, how we feel.
When we are in real.
On the clouds we dance.
Dreaming for a chance.

Dreaming through time.
A walk beyond the line.
While we both see.
This will never be.

It’s such a shame.